Platelet Rich Plasma / Platelet Rich Fibrin

In everyone’s blood, there are all the resources necessary for the healing process: white blood cells to combat infection and platelets to clot the surgical site. These natural healing agents allows for normal healing. But now, with the modern technology of the Platelet Rich Plasma and Platelet Rich Fibrin , the old healing timetables are a thing of the past. Drawing a small amount of the patient’s blood during the normal surgical timeline, we are able to process that blood in minutes to create a simple, natural process that works seamlessly during the procedure. Using centrifuge technology, those blood samples are spun down to create concentrations of the wound healing components: Leukocytes, platelets, and cytokines. These components, now separated from the rest of the blood, provide incredibly efficient tools for healing in high concentration. The platelet rich plasma, or PRP, is used to incite greater bone growth while the extracted Platelet Rich Fibrin, rich in growth factors and wound healing cytokines, is a membrane that can be integrated into the surgical site to promote healing properties that are completely natural, but also much more powerful than the natural healing process. This stimulates incredible healing ability especially during the crucial period seven days after the procedure. And all of this comes from the patient’s own blood and incorporates seamlessly into the treatment process. This cutting edge technology creates an exponential increase in what is possible for the patient in terms of same-day implant procedures and also for rapid healing and pain reduction.

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